Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Declutter My House Somebody Please!

How many times have you said that to yourself? I know I have at least a million times over. I bet if I worked as hard removing clutter as I did complaining about it. I wouldn't be here on the net posting this right now.

Well anyway I guess a person is allowed to vent ever once in a while. This is going to sound crazy. If you hate clutter and want to vent please do it in a comment on my blog. I'm serious, I really want to encourage that. Let it fly it will make you feel better. ;-)

Enough of that for now. I got a story to tell, my name is Mike by the way. It didn't seem like it was all that long ago when I lived a life without clutter. I never picked up after myself and I always left stuff laying around. I never even worried about it because somebody always came behind me and cleaned up my mess. Yes, I bet a lot of you can relate to the good old days of growing up at home. You throw something down and mom came behind you like a whirl wind and picked it up.

Little did I know all of this was about to change. One morning as if I woke to the sound of roaring thunder. My mom said in a very stern voice "this is the last time I'm picking up after you. I have had enough, your almost a grown man and it's time you take responsibility for yourself. I was around the age 17 at the time so I could see were she was coming from. I thought so what It can't be that hard.

As the months went on I soon found out different. My mom was not after me every second to pick up this or that. She always had the motto "You made your bed now sleep in it." In other words, If you want to live a messy life of clutter then go right ahead. So for a while that is exactly what I did until I could not take it any longer.

The frustration of being late for school because I couldn't find my shoe or something was driving me crazy. Teachers fussing at me. Other kids laughing as I came into class late yet again. No joke, clutter is a serious thing. From there things just got worse. My grades begun to slip. I even got kicked off the school basketball team because of such bad grades. It was time to take a stand. I know what your thinking. How could clutter do all this.

I started to remember how my mom would clean up after me and I started to do it for myself. Instead of just laying things here or there I would put them were they go. If I had something that was constantly in my way that I never used. I sold it or gave it away to people less fortunate. It took a little while but I finally conquered clutter. I just want to say thanks mom for teaching me early in life. If you want a clutter free life then it starts at home first.

Well that's about it for now. I hope you have enjoyed my short story and that it inspires or motivates you in some way. If you have never had the opportunity to be taught how to declutter. I want to encourage you to go take a look at this e-book. I believe you will find it to be of much help in decluttering you house and your life.